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The Golf Perfecter Swing Trainer

Golf Training Aids: The Golf Perfecter Swing Trainer

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The Golf Perfecter Training Aid

The Golf Perfecter Swing Trainer has been designed to address 95% of the aspects that makes up the golf shot. It is a proven fact that a straight leading arm through the entire setup for a golf swing will lead to more accurate golf shots and an increase in distance.

The Golf Perfecter is designed to address and improve the following:
* The grip (Neutral)
* The distance a golfer stands from the ball
* The take away
* The swing plane
* The swing path
* Ensuring the leading arm remains straight
* A full shoulder turn during the entire golf swing
* The downswing-swing path (in-to-out)
* The proper release action at Pre-impact, Impact, & Post Impact
* Hitting THROUGH the ball
* A fully balanced finish.

The Golf Perfecter is a training aid that is so versatile; it can be used for most of the shots one needs to play during a round of golf.

It is designed in a manner that allows for comfort and can even be used during a social round of golf. No need to remove it from the arm while playing 18 holes of golf as it is truly not an irritation to the body

With the Golf Perfecter Training Aid you can practice the following shots:
* Full Swings With Any Club
* Bunker Shots
* Pitch Shots
* Green Side Chip Shots

Once it is correctly attached to the leading arm of a golfer, he/she can practice without being concerned about the swing.
It consists of two components, the upper-arm-stabilizer and the forearm/wrist catch.
In order to obtain maximum impact of the product, it is important that you follow the instructions as is set out in the DVD that accompanies the Golf Perfecter.

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If you have any questions regarding the The Golf Perfecter Swing Trainer, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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