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SkyGolf SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch - Black

Golf Training Aids: SkyGolf SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch - Black

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SkyGolf SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch - Black

The SkyCaddie Watch features front, center and back of green distances that update as you walk or ride along with auto-course recognition, auto-hole advance, autodistance update and digital scoring. The SkyCaddie GPS Watch features an odometer that will track your location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace, and calories burned during a run, walk, or bike ride. Powered by Core Golfer Technology and golf's only high-precision, error-corrected course maps. Start playing better golf, lower your scores, and have more fun with the SkyCaddie Watch from the highest-rated and most-trusted rangefinder in golf!

The SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch is a lightweight, flexible and comfortable everyday sport watch that provides trusted, reliable distances everywhere on the golf course so you can make smart decisions and play better golf.

Features: SkyGolf SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch
 • Big, easy-to-read front, center and back of green distances
 • High-precision, error-corrected course maps
 • Up to 30,000 updatable preloaded course maps
 • Digital scoring and measure any shot distance
 • Odometer tracks your location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace, and calories during your run, walk, or bike ride
 • Water Resistant to 30 meters
 • Available in black or white
 • Extras: Clock, timer, alarm, pace-of-play timer, backlight and stopwatch
 • Access to 30,000 high-precision, errorcorrected course maps
 • Unlimited course updates
 • Only SkyGolf spends the time and money to map its own courses to eliminate known errors contained in other map libraries
Track your game and have more fun in ClubSG
 • Enjoy Golf's fastest growing online community
 • Store scores and track key stats
 • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
 • Share your successes with other golfers
Save money, too, with membership rewards
 • Use SkyRewards to save 3x your membership investment
 • Receive exclusive discounts and offers from SkyGolf partners
 • Enjoy great savings on name brand merchandise

Unmatched Accuracy Begins With High-Precision, Ground-Corrected Course Maps - Only From SkyCaddie! [1] No Tour Player uses yardage books derived from satellite images or flyovers. Neither should you. Other GPS rangefinders use second and third generation maps derived from aerial imagery known to contain errors. SkyGolf takes no such shortcuts when it comes to your game. Only SkyGolf walks every course with professional grade survey equipment to create original course maps, accurate within 1 yard. SkyGolf provides the most complete, most reliable and most precise course maps in the game. You can trust your SkyCaddie, just like Tour Players trust their caddie.

SkyCaddie's Sport Series of products use CGT technology to provide a more economical distance solution by substituting conventional GPS technology found in competitive devices in lieu of SkyCaddie's unmatched, but more costly, TruePointŪ GPS Precision Positioning Technology. Accuracy and reliability remain superior to other brands by combining conventional GPS with SkyCaddie's proprietary, highprecision, ground-corrected course maps to eliminate errors known to be inherent in maps provided by others. So, when it comes to distance, nothing beats a SkyCaddie, unless it's another SkyCaddie... trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders combined.

SkyCaddie Design Flexible, lightweight wrist band with locking buckle keeps this watch from moving while you swing. It's ergonomic fit and athletic styling make it extremely comfortable to wear all of the time.
Updatable, Preloaded, Error-Corrected Course Maps Preloaded with up to 30,000 error-corrected courses makes SkyCaddie ready to play out of the box.
Reliable Front, Center, and Back of Green Distances Get critical green distances that you can trust from anywhere on the course. Never waste time looking for sprinkler heads again!
Scoring Easily track your total score.
Auto-Course Recognition SkyCaddie finds your course so you're ready to play on the first tee, effortless and easy to use.
Auto-Hole Advance SkyCaddie advances to the next hole so you can stay focused on your game.
Auto-Distance Update Enjoy instant distances you trust without aiming a laser or searching for sprinkler heads.
Measure Any Shot Learn how far you hit your driver, 6-iron or any club. Play like a Pro and know your club distances.
Odometer Odometer tracks your location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace, and calories during your run, walk, or bike ride. You can upload your sessions to ClubSG and export to popular fitness websites.
Auto Lap Set the odometer to automatically mark a lap after a predefined distance.
Device Dimensions 2.75" x 2" x .6"
Screen Display 1.05", greyscale, sunlight readable
Device Weight 1.6 ounces
Water Resistant Up to 30 meters
Battery Rechargeable Lithium, up to 8 months in Time Mode, up to 8 hours in GPS Mode (Golf, Odometer) per full charge
Alarms and Timers 3 timers and 5 alarms
Extras Pace-of-play timer, backlight, stopwatch, compatible with Windows and Mac OS
Membership Rewards Save 3X the nominal investment in memberships with hundreds of dollars in savings on merchandise and exclusive offers from SkyGolf Partners, and enjoy access to high-precision, errorcorrected, course maps. Enjoy ClubSG, golf's fastest growing online community for post round analysis, interesting articles and helpful videos on instruction.


If you have any questions regarding the SkyGolf SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watch - Black, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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