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SwingCheck Golf Swing Training Aid

Golf Training Aids: SwingCheck Golf Swing Training Aid

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SwingCheck Golf Swing Training Aid

Whether you are a beginner, a club player or a pro, a backswing that is on-plane is the key to greater power, more accuracy and more consistency in your game.

The Swingcheck is a portable, lightweight, customisable training aid, designed to teach you to swing the golf club correctly on-plane, all the time, every time. It can be used on any surface, indoors and outdoors, for every type of swing (single and two-plane). Click on the video to learn more.

What will I achieve with The Swingcheck?
  1. Find and feel that all-important slot at the top of the backswing
  2. Practice the correct, on-plane swing every time
  3. Build accurate and repeatable swing muscle-memory
  4. Develop a more natural, uncomplicated swing
  5. Reduce and eliminate downswing compensations because you can groove the correct backswing
  6. Take your swing confidently to the golf course as you will have the correct feel and sensations locked in your muscle-memory
  7. Hit the ball with more power, accuracy and consistency
  8. Reduce your handicap and enjoy your game more

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If you have any questions regarding the SwingCheck Golf Swing Training Aid, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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