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Putt-N-Ator Putting Aid

Golf Training Aids: Putt-N-Ator Putting Aid

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Putt-N-Ator Putting Aid

The Putt-N-Ator is a stand alone putting aid designed to let you practice anywhere! Its lightweight, compact and sturdy design allows for easy travel and storage. The Putt-N-Ator is the perfect gift for golfers of any skill level. The one and only adjustable opening training aid for putting practice. Patent Pending.

FreeStyle Extreme Putt-N - Played similar to horse in basketball. Anything goes... obstacles... elevations... bounce... etc., shots off of objects or whatever else you can think of. Players putt in the same order as they start. When a putt is made, the other players must make the putt or get a letter if they miss (P-U-T-T-N). Once a player has accumulated all of the letters, they are eliminated. Play until only one player remains. Your only limitation is your imagination. Remember that golf balls are hard and may be destructive, so putt with care!

Elimination - Each player putts from the same location into the Putt-N-Ator set as a desired opening. As players miss the putt, they are eliminated. Each round, reduce the size of the opening to increase the difficulty. The last player making the putt is the winner!

Hot Shot -Set the doors to the desired opening and putt. Keep moving farther away from the Putt-N-Ator and putt again. As players miss, they are eliminated. Until only one remains, the winner!

Get The Point - Set the doors at your desired width and mark distances from the Putt-N-Ator. Give each distance a point value (Ex. 1 point for 1' putts, 2 points for 2' putts, etc.). Determine the number of rounds you want to play. At the end of final rounds, the player with the most points win!

If you have any questions regarding the Putt-N-Ator Putting Aid, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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