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Inside Approach Golf Training Aid

Golf Training Aids: Inside Approach Golf Training Aid

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Inside Approach - Golf Training Aids

The Inside Approach was developed to give golfers a clear visual understanding of where the club needs to be swung as it approaches the most critical point of the swing... the impact zone. To hit solid, accurate shots, the clubface must be square or squaring at impact and the club must be approaching the ball from an "inside" path. The Inside Approach’s unparalleled design gives golfers immediate feedback (both positive and negative) on whether they have accomplished this task.

The path in which the club is swung directly influences one’s ability to square the clubface and thus be consistent. If the club is swung down too steep or from out-to-in, it makes it very difficult for your hands and arms to square the clubface - the result of which is usually an open clubface at impact causing the slice (85% of all golfers do this). If you happen to square the clubface when swinging from out-to-in, you may hit a "pull." (Often, you may find that you pull your short irons and slice you longer irons, and especially your driver). When the club is swung down on the correct path, it promotes the proper sequence of movements necessary for your arms and hands to naturally square the clubface.

Some golfers have a tendency to hit pushes and hooks. These ball flights are also a result of poor path, however, the path now is being swung too far from the inside or underneath the correct swing plane.

The Inside Approach is universally designed to correct both of these undesirable swing paths by giving you safe and instant feedback on whether you have swung the club on the correct path. If your swing path is correct you will miss the cushion; if it is incorrect your club may hit the cushion. The cushion, if hit, is designed to safely break away thus not hurting you or your club(s). This immediate feedback (positive and/or negative) is by far, the most effective method of training a new motor skill.

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If you have any questions regarding the Inside Approach Golf Training Aid, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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