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Leadbetter Interactive DVD Box Set

Golf Training Aids: Leadbetter Interactive DVD Box Set

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David Leadbetter Interactive 5 Disc Box Set
Welcome to Leadbetter Interactive, a groundbreaking DVD series that brings the world's #1 instructor and you together in golf's most advanced one-on-one teaching format. Filmed in High Definition, Leadbetter Interactive features cutting-edge graphics, user interactivity and high-speed photography to complement David's world-class instruction. These unique elements enhance your learning experience and help you apply David's instructional concepts to your swing. Whether you're a low handicap or completely new to golf, your game will improve with this revolutionary program.
One-on-one with David Leadbetter Experience the closest thing to being on the lesson tee with David as he guides you through every aspect of the golf swing. Leadbetter Interactive features 70 game improvement drills developed by David over 30 years with the world's top tour players. Imagine you and David Leadbetter working on your game, whenever and wherever you want!
Analyze your swing like the pros Seeing your own golf swing helps you correct your faults simply and precisely. Leadbetter Interactive includes easy-to-use swing analysis software powered by V1 technology, the same system David uses to coach the world's top tour players. This technology literally puts you in the lesson where David will analyze your swing, then link you to drills that will fix your faults fast. It's like a private lesson from David right in your own home.
Over 5 hours of instruction and 70 drills:
Volume 1: Setup and Swing Concepts
Volume 2: Golf Swing Essentials
Volume 3: Shaping Your Swing
Volume 4: Power = Distance
Bonus 5th Disc! Swing Analysis Software (DVD-ROM) ($89 Value)
Features the same advanced technology David uses to coach the world's top tour players. View and analyze your own golf swing as on screen prompts diagnose your faults and David Leadbetter prescribes drills to remedy your swing flaws. It's like a private lesson with David Leadbetter right in your own house! Leadbetter Interactive compiles over 30 years of David Leadbetter's teaching techniques, concepts and methodologies used with the biggest names in golf. Leadbetter Interactive is the most revolutionary and comprehensive instructional DVD ever! System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 2000, XP or newer
Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.4 GHz or faster
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768
Color Depth: 16-bit color or higher
Disk Space: Min. - 500MB, Full - 4.5 GB free
Media Drive: DVD-ROM Drive
Sound: Windows-compatible Sound Card
DirectX: DirectX 8.1 or newer
Windows Media Player: WMP 9.0 or newer
NOTE: DVDs are encoded Region Free, which are playable in any country.

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