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Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

Golf Training Aids: Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

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Connect4 Power Golf Trainer

Made from a special high-grade materials. Connect4Power is the preferred choice of training aid by leading golf academies, touring pro's, PGA and LPGA professionals.

Connect4Power - Builds Body and Arm Connection for a Powerful & Consistent Golf Swing. 

Stay connected for power: Build a Powerful and Repeatable golf swing. Promotes proper swing sequence and connection between the arm and the chest.. 

Take it to the gym: Accelerates your progress and trains proper muscles in your golf swing. 

 Features:Connect4 Power Golf Trainer Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch
 • Develops Proper Body & Arm Coordination
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Promotes Proper Body Rotation
 • Develops Proper Takaway
 • Develops Proper Body & Arm Coordination
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Engages Large Muscles For Power & Consistency
 • Maximizes Resistance
 • Develops Proper Release
 • Builds Core Muscles
 • Improves Seperation Between your Lower and Upper Body
 • Trains Proper Larger Muscles in your Back, Glutes and Legs
 • Develops Leading Arm Connection with the chest.
 • Builds Core Muscles
 • Engages and promotes the use of your bigger-stronger muscles.
 • Improves timing, tempo and sync.
 • Improves swing path and corrects over the top move.

Connect4Power - Leading Arm Connection in Golf
Leading arm connection is absolutely critical for proper body rotation through impact.

Golf Strap - Connect4Power - Proper Release in Golf
Develops proper release of the club with body rotation.

Connect4Power - Golf Strap - Golf
Maximizes Resistance—and builds core muscles

Connect4Power - Golf Strap - Master Hip Rotation
Improves separation between your lower and upper body.

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If you have any questions regarding the Connect4Power Golf Training Aid, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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