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Almost Golf Practice Stick

Golf Training Aids: Almost Golf Practice Stick

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The almostGOLF™ Ball has no similar of its kind on this earth. The single-piece, polymer design uses a breakthrough patented formulation to create a controlled-distance, internal control golf ball with flight  performance as good as in a game, all this with ensured safety features.
So there is no need to go to a golf course to practice when you could do it just at a small park close by or even you backyard.
The ball has been designed for a close to true balanced spin, flight and projectile. You can even putt with it. This bal has .32 COR rating courtesy its distinctive structure of foaming and internal pressure, the almostGOLF™ Ball which is actually double of that of a standard golf ball. Due to this, when the strike takes place there is compression cause in the ball at the time of impact similar to regular golf ball . It’s a long life product and would not get damaged till its life is over. Safe conditions prevail while practicing with this ball, no matter if its your home or a public place, so it becomes an essential part of your golf learning kit.
The almostGOLF™ Ball’s gives you a experience that is as good as real, as the behavior of the ball is similar to actual characteristics of a real golf ball. So your swing, strikes and follow through is going to be a simulated experience of an actual game. So its an experience of long distance shots but when your space required is less and ball actually travels a shorter distance.
Since the weight of the is less and it would sit up higher than the standard balls its an apt product for training. It aids a amateur learn ball-striking techniques, while helping a trained/expert golfer to further enhance his skills like fades and draws.
Ways To Train With The Almost Golf Balls
Distinct from any other ball in market for practice, the core structure design and internal pressure generate a close to true experience during the ball flight. So a real life game experience without a golf course.
Practice Golf Around The Yard
The basic step towards becoming a good golf player is practice whatever you have learnt till date and ad further value to your game whenever you play again. Practice with putting a sign or a bowl at a distance of few yards or so and hit soft shots with your wedge. Keep it a comfortable start with no stress. Observe the reliability or the consistency of the performance that you give as in how close is the ball from the marked sign. After gaining decent level of consistency keep on increasing the distance in steps.
 Practice Golf At The Schoolyard
Once you've progressed to being able to hit a quarter chip shot, find a location like a playing field or parking lot and practice your full golf swing. Remember to use a golf practice mat for so that you do not create divots and never practice around runners or people playing on the field.
Practice Golf At A Field Or Park
Its certain that you would have a couple of places where you get enough space to have a practice session for yourself. This experience would give you opportunity to add to your game all the skills that an expert golfer would have. It could be any kind of club and shot. When the practice seems convince you that its time for you to move to the range, do the same and feel the difference for yourself in the level of the game.

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If you have any questions regarding the Almost Golf Practice Stick, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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