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4 Ball Pro Putting System

Golf Training Aids: 4 Ball Pro Putting System

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4 Ball Pro

With the combination of adjustments combined with instant feedback you will be putting like the Pro’s achieving the stroke needed to take you to the next level in your game.
 • Master the Stroke - Repeating the same stroke time after time produces more birdies, lower scores and increases confidence. High pressure situations you will have mastered the 4 aspects of good putting enabling you to drain the putt.
 • Tighter the putter gap the more putts you will make
 • Pros - If you have a high % of greens in regulation, this device may improve your number of putts per round. The 4BallPro team understands that 1 to 2 strokes per round is huge. Enjoy your improved scores and your climb on the leader boards.

 • Superior aerodynamic shaping
 • 3-4 mph faster clubhead speed
 • 3-9 more yards carry distance


Can it groove my stroke?
Yes—No matter what your putting Arc looks like, be it closed or an open setup or a press forward posture in the setup, the 4BallPro can help you groove your stroke.

Is the pendulum putting stroke hard to learn?
No—It is probably the easiest and most consistent stroke to repeat. The DVD included teaches a very simple method for achieving this motion.

Do I have to use the device on every putt?
No—Once the 4 balls are setup you can pull balls into the putting area with your putter. Most people set the ball you are putting just left of center.

Does it take a long time to see results?
No—You will see results in a matter of minutes and you'll make adjustments to your stroke. It really is automatic.

Can I use any putter?
Yes—That's one of the key features. The putting channels length is adjustable or (putting arc). For example, a belly putter may have a shorter arc distance (the time the putter stays on the target line), whereas a long putter may have very little arc. Very small children with a very short putter can also benefit from the adjustable putting arc.

Why is this so cheap compared to everything else out there?
Even though the 4 ball system has features beyond most other systems that cost twice as much we would like everyone to have one. For the price of a round of golf we are changing the way the world is putting. (Everyone can Putt like the Pros).

Can this really help the Pro?
Absolutely! Yes—We feel that any device that can help the pro's be more consistent and help them groove that perfect stroke like the top putters on tour of today is a big plus for golfing pro. This device is a must have for the Pro that wants to take it deep.

The device solves the issue of setting up 4 balls parallel and square in a quick and easy manor with your desired gap and distance settings. Without it taking forever you can acomplish the perfect stroke using the 4 Ball Pro. Instruction is included to help find your settings. Simply an Amazing device-You'll love it!

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If you have any questions regarding the 4 Ball Pro Putting System, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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