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AccuPutt: 3-2-1 Putt Laser System

Golf Training Aids: AccuPutt: 3-2-1 Putt Laser System

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AccuPutt: 3-2-1 Putt Laser System

3-2-1 PUTT is designed to perfect your putting stroke without the aid of visible lines, tracks or guides. The patent-pending combination of our special adjustable aperture putter and a portable, low-profile practice green with an invisible laser allows you to replicate the on-green experience while you train so your stroke is pure, consistent and perfectly accurate.


What Is 3-2-1 PUTT?
3-2-1 PUTT is a golf putting training system that replicates the "on-green" putting environment more accurately than any other training system and allows you to train just like you play.

Why Should I Buy 3-2-1 PUTT?
3-2-1 PUTT will efficiently and naturally develop your muscle memory to consistently produce a perfect putting stroke without any artificial or mechanical devices.

How Does 3-2-1 PUTT Work?
3-2-1 PUTT has three components: a small laser to provide an Invisible Putting Line (not visible to the user) to simulate the ideal putter stroke path, a putter with a variable aperture (opening) through the putter that allows the passage of the laser beam, and a receiver that instantaneously provides a visual and audible feedback to the user whenever the laser beam is broken by a putting stroke that is not true along the invisible line created by the laser.

Where Should I use 3-2-1 PUTT?
3-2-1 PUTT is designed generally for indoor use on a hard or firm surface. It is ideal for practice at home or office.

Can 3-2-1 PUTT Be Used Outdoors?
Depending on the intensity and direction of ambient light, 3-2-1 PUTT may be used outdoors. However, care should be given to secure a firm and flat surface on which to place the unit for practice and care should be exercised to avoid any direct or reflected light striking the laser sensing unit.

Can I The 3-2-1 PUTT Training Putter On The Green?
No, and you will not need it! Although the 3-2-1 PUTT training putter is weighted and balanced to exactly replicate the feel of the most competitive putters available on the market, it is designed with an adjustable aperture to specifically help you perfect your putting stroke.

Will Using The 3-2-1 PUTT Training Putter Affect My Putting Stroke When I Use My Normal Putter?
Yes, in a very positive way! You will make many more putts with any putter you choose to use.

So, I can Use My Own Putter AFTER Practicing With 3-2-1 PUTT?
Yes, absolutely! 3-2-1 PUTT will help you perfect your putting stroke and you will putt with greater accuracy.

What Kind Of Putting Stroke Does 3-2-1 PUTT Promote?
3-2-1 PUTT essentially promotes a “straight back and straight through” putting stroke. However, a slight horizontal ‘arc’ (in to in) motion is accommodated by 3-2-1 PUTT.

Why Use A Straight Back & Straight Through Stroke?
3-2-1 PUTT promotes a “straight back & straight through” putting stroke because 1) every putt, regardless of the number of “breaks”, begins with a straight line, and 2) it is profoundly easier to try to hit your initially straight putting line from a straight line than it is to hit your straight putting line from a curved path.

Can Golfers Who Have A Slight Arc In Their Putting Stroke Use 3-2-1 PUTT?
Yes. Depending on the size of the aperture opening used by the golfer for practice, 3-2-1 PUTT will accommodate a slight arc in the putting stroke. The wider the aperture setting, the greater the horizontal putting arc that can be accommodated. At the mid to small aperture setting your stroke must become much straighter as you produce your backstroke and follow-through.

How Much Of An Arc Will 3-2-1 PUTT Accommodate?
The horizontal “arc” accommodated by 3-2-1 PUTT will vary from approximately 6 to 8 degrees at the widest aperture settings along an 8- to 10-inch backstroke and follow-through stroke motion. The degree of horizontal “arc” accommodated varies directly with the aperture opening you use. The smaller the aperture opening used for practice, the straighter the stroke that must be executed by the golfer during practice. 3-2-1 PUTT simulates a perfectly straight putting line at the smallest aperture settings. At the high Green stemp speeds that golfers often play, the backstroke is generally limited to under 10 inches even for putts of 30 to 40 feet! At shorter putt distances (5 to 20 feet) the normal take-away distance is more likely in the range of 5 to 8 inches with a solid, and accelerating follow-through to the stroke… even on slightly uphill slopes.

At What Vertical Height On The Putting Back-Stroke and Follow-Through Will I Lose The Invisible Laser Line?
The Invisible Laser Line is slightly higher than one (1) inch above the floor unit. When using 3-2-1 PUTT, a golfer with a normal putting stroke will lose the Invisible Laser Line between 12 to 15 inches behind the golf ball image located on the center of the floor unit. This distance is dependent upon the golfers specific style of putt, height, etc… This 12 – 15 inch effective take-away / follow-through distance allows golfers to practice a very wide range of putting speed ranges while maintaining a perfect putting stroke motion.

How Much Will My Putting Accuracy Improve?
This depends on how much time you dedicate to practicing your stroke with 3-2-1 PUTT. If you dedicate yourself to an initial training regimen such as we propose in our Recommended Training Program, and using various aperture settings during each practice session, you should see about 33% improvement in your putting accuracy from your benchmark test within 30 days. With regular practice using various aperture settings, you can continue to refine your putting stroke to perfection.

Does Putting Help You “Read The Green” Or Control The Speed Of Your Putts?
3-2-1 PUTT perfects your putting stroke and gives you increased confidence on the green. Knowing that you can hit your putting line and make the putt allows you to spend more time evaluating the attributes of the green and effectively plan your putt. However, 3-2-1 PUTT will not teach you to “read” the green… that will be a function of repeated play, experience on different courses, and confidence in delivering your stroke.

Why Was 3-2-1 PUTT Developed?
To help golfers (like me) of all skill levels develop a perfect putting stroke through muscle memory training without the aid of any mechanical device that provides artificial guidance or physical points of reference upon which the body can become dependent. All golfers miss too many "makeable" puts which results in a higher than acceptable golf score/handicap.

What Makes 3-2-1 PUTT Different?
Unlike any other putting training device in the golf marketplace, 3-2-1 PUTT does not use any form of mechanical track, rail, visible line or other "mechanical element of resistance" to position or guide the putter along the desired putting line. 3-2-1 PUTT trains the user naturally…with no artificial points of reference or resistance points that are not available to you when you are on the green.

What Do You Mean When You Say That 3-2-1 PUTT “Replicates The On-Green Environment?
Essentially, on the green, the golfer really only has a top-view of his/her golf ball, his/her putter, his/her putting stroke and his/her knowledge of reading a green. There really is nothing mechanical or visual to define your line or otherwise show you the way to the hole. 3-2-1 PUTT provides the golfer with exactly the same environment because it has no tracks, rails, visible lines, or other mechanical device to assist the golfer. When practicing with 3-2-1 PUTT, the golfer sees exactly what he/she will see on the green… the top view of the golf ball. But with the invisible line that is produced by 3-2-1 PUTT and the special putter (which is the actual weight and balance of a normal putter), the golfer can exactly practice a perfect putting stroke repeated until it is perfected and ingrained in his/her muscle memory.

How Do I Know If I Am Making A good Putting Stroke?
3-2-1 PUTT provides instantaneous visual and audio (audio can be enabled and disabled as often as the user wants) feedback that identifies the exact point at which the golfer’s putting stroke deviates from a pure and accurate take-away or follow-through path. This helps the golfer to correct flaws in his/her putting stroke immediately and makes practice sessions incredibly productive.

What Is The Feedback Provided To The Golfer?
When the Invisible Putting Line is broken by an imperfect stroke, the golfer will receive a visible indication in the form of a Red LED which will momentarily illuminate. If the audible feature is enabled, the golfer will also receive an audible indication along with the visible indication.

Is It Difficult To See The Visible Indications?
During the first few practice sessions (if you do not enable the audible feature) you will be inclined to move your head slightly to see if there is any visible indication indicating a poor stroke. Soon, you will realize that the LEDs are positioned so that any illumination can be easily seen in your peripherial vision.

What Is A Type 2 Laser?
3-2-1 PUTT uses a Class 2 laser which is a very low-powered laser that projects a red dot … because the 3-2-1 PUTT laser beam is directed into a phototransistor receiving element that is encased within a housing unit opposite from where the laser beam originates (a path of about 4 feet), the laser beam cannot be seen by the user. The laser is essentially similar to a laser pointer that is used in business presentations etc. The laser beam is not harmful HOWEVER care must be taken to AVOID ANY DIRECT OR PROLONGED EYE CONTACT.

Has 3-2-1 PUTT Been Tested?
Yes, during development, 3-2-1 PUTT was extensively tested in actual "on green" environments. In each of 5 independent testing sessions, 30 putts were taken from each specific distance of 25', 20', 15', 10' and 5'… for a total of 150 putts per test session. Tests were conducted at the US 1 Driving Range facility in Rockledge Florida during normal hours and using the flattest available section of the green.

What Method Was Used To Test 3-2-1 PUTT?
Method: Before practicing with 3-2-1 PUTT, a "benchmark" test was taken to establish the user’s level of putting accuracy according to the format noted in the question above. With the benchmark established, the user practiced for 15 minutes each day with 3-2-1 PUTT, for 2 weeks, using 3 different aperture settings during each practice session to gradually reduce the putter aperture and increase the level of difficulty required to produce a perfect stroke. After 2 weeks, a proficiency test was taken exactly according to the format used in the Benchmark test and the results were recorded. The user then practiced with 3-2-1 PUTT for another 3 days and again tested the results… this process was repeated for a total of 4 testing sessions. Test 5 was a Muscle Memory Test that was taken after a 2 week absence of practice with 3-2-1 PUTT. This test was taken to test muscle memory retention and the results were excellent with essentially no loss of accuracy.

Can 3-2-1 PUTT Help Any Golfer?
An emphatic YES! 3-2-1 PUTT is an excellent putting training system for golfers at every level from absolute beginner to PGA Tour Professional. Men, women, juniors and seniors…everyone can perfect their putting skills using 3-2-1 PUTT. The variable aperture feature of the 3-2-1 PUTT training system can refine your putting stroke to perfection with regular and consistent practice. With 3-2-1 PUTT you can practice in the privacy of your home or office and even a first time golfer can walk on the course and be a putting star on the green!

Is the product portable?
Yes, 3-2-1 PUTT is light, quiet, and easily transportable. It operates on 4 AA batteries which will provide many hours of use because of the automatic Off that preserves battery life.
3-2-1 PUTT is great for use in the home or office. It is also easy to pack and transport with you on vacation.

What Are The dimensions?
3-2-1 PUTT is approximately 46 inches long, 4 ½ inches in width and about 4 inches high at the ends. The flat center section of the 3-2-1 PUTT green which extends for approximately 38 inches is ¼ inch in height along the floor line. The 3-2-1 PUTT Training Putter is 35 inches in length and is weighed and balanced exactly like the most popular putters used by golfers today. The total putter weight is 495 grams.

Who Is The Target Market?
The 3-2-1 PUTT target market includes all segments of the golf market both domestic and international. Users of 3-2-1 PUTT will include PGA Tour Pros, Golf Instructors, individual golfers of all levels, Golf Schools, Golf Resorts, Golf Shops, Sporting Good Stores.

How Long Does It Take Someone To Master Using 3-2-1 PUTT?
3-2-1 PUTT will immediately identify inconsistencies in any putting stroke and allow the user to immediately being to improve the accuracy of his/her stroke. 3-2-1 PUTT specifically targets, and effectively trains, a golfer’s muscle memory to produce and deliver a consistently accurate putting stroke. Positive results will be realized with as little as a week of daily 15-minute practice sessions where the golfer would use the full range of aperture settings during each practice session (5 minutes at the widest aperture, 5 minutes at a mid level aperture, and 5 minutes at the smallest aperture). The longer and more consistently that someone practices with 3-2-1 PUTT, the more accurate he/she will be in putting.

What Warranty Does 3-2-1 PUTT Offer?
3-2-1 PUTT has a 60-day warranty on the mechanical and electronic components of the system assuming reasonable care. If the unit fails, return to 3-2-1 PUTT and a new unit will be sent to the buyer

If you have any questions regarding the AccuPutt: 3-2-1 Putt Laser System, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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